Thursday, March 25, 2010

iamamiwhoami releases first single "b" to itunes!

Popjustice Reports That iamamiwhoami's First Single 'B' Has Appeared On iTunes

'B', the song in that iamamiwhoami 'reveal'* video from last week, appeared on iTunes last night. Or, according to someone on the Popjustice forum, it's been there over a week and nobody noticed. (This said, it wasn't there on the day we searched iTunes for iamamiwhoami while looking for the 'official' iPhone app, which incidentally turned out to be ABSOLUTE SHIT.) Click here for the iTunes page. We still like the tune - if it ends up being one of the quieter moments on an album otherwise full of songs in the vein of music from the early iamamiwhoami videos we are still VERY MUCH ON BOARD.

* In as much as it revealed the artist to definitely not be Christina Aguilera.