Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kelis & Robyn announce tour together

Who needs a press release when you have Twitter to announce your upcoming tour?
Kelis and Swedish pop singer Robyn connected on the micro-blogging site today (May 20) to plot out their joint tour in a series of tweets that we can only guess is a clever marketing plan drummed up by their respective record labels.

The trek, dubbed the “All Hearts” tour, will support Kelis’ new album, Flesh Tone, and Robyn’s forthcoming set, Body Talk Part 1.

Cities and dates will be announced shortly.

See how the convo played out below:

Robyn: Hey mama, I´m bored. U feel like doing something?
Kelis: Love to. Thinking it’d be fun 2 hit the road together?
Robyn: That´s what I´M thinking. I got my strobes ready & some new dancing shoes as well. We could do this!
Kelis: GLORIOUS! I’ll bring the lasers, confetti. Let’s do it!
Robyn: So what are we calling this madness? My ´s tellin me u got an idea?
Kelis: Lets call it “All Hearts.” What do you think?
Robyn: #allheartstour in the us. heartbrake on all four on top of a speaker in a shower of star dust and acid rain
Kelis: YES! #allheartstour