Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ryan Tedder working on Kelly Clarkson's new album

Although Kelly Clarkson was fuming after her single Already Gone (co-written by Ryan Tedder) sounded just like Beyonce's Halo, she's apparently over it.

And Tedder must be easy going. Kelly wrote a song called Wash Rinse Repeat that has some pretty biting lyrics presumably directed toward him.

"I'm pretty sure that song was 'somewhat' about me … and her record label," said Ryan. "But I actually like it — I think Kelly speaks her mind regardless of anything. She's great with lyrics, and I love that she is her own person. She's no puppet."

"I'm working on stuff for her next album and am personally over any of the drama between the two of us," Tedder continued. "It's silly. 'Already Gone' is now a bigger hit than 'Halo' was, so I think she's probably happy, too."