Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Dream: "Basic Instinct is Ciara's last shot @ pop stardom"

In a new interview with Parlour magazine, The-Dream says that Ciara’s upcoming Basic Instinct LP is her last chance at pop stardom.

You’ve just finished writing Ciara’s entire new album too. Is this really her last shot at pop stardom?

I think so. You only get so many times to, and I won’t say fail, but not achieve. There’s an expectation of where Ciara should be in her career. To others, she’s achieved but not to us, because we saw where her career was headed. But now she’s back on the horse. When she first came out I, like Lil Jon and Jazee Pha, understood exactly who she was. It was that whole Atlanta vibe because if i’m not Atlanta, no one is. I knew if I had a chance to get with her creatively, there’s a specific type of swagger that she’s got. Tricky and I did her whole album, but it’s not all shallow songs like “Ride.” There’s play time but there’s substance too, it’s a great listen.