Thursday, July 1, 2010

LISTEN: Keisha Buchanan - "Fearless" (new solo song)

A new track by Keisha Buchanan has been posted on a music producer's MySpace page.

Buchanan, who has been working on her debut album since being ousted from the Sugababes last September, recently said that the record is about "being a survivor" and would be released this year.

Producer Charlie Holmes, who has also worked with The Saturdays, has now posted a clip of a new track with Buchanan's vocals called 'Fearless' on his MySpace page, prompting speculation that the song may appear on the album.

Lyrics on the chorus include: "I'm fearless, I'm not afraid to be alone/It's over why?/Because you did something wrong."

On whether the album will discuss her time in the Sugababes, Buchanan said: "People may read things into the tracks when they come out but they are not about one specific person or the Sugababes. I wish them all the best." (DigitalSpy)