Monday, September 6, 2010

James Blunt announces new album “Some Kind Of Trouble”


Welcome to my new website to mark the launch of the new album “Some Kind Of Trouble” - 8th November 2010. My old friend Billy (yes, Billy from Back To Bedlam) is still looking after this site, but he’s now got a small army of people helping him, and we’re hoping to tie in with my record label, Atlantic Records to give you more information and more access than on any site we’ve had before.

With a new album come some singles. The first is called “Stay The Night” (I shot the video for it last Friday) which goes to radio this Friday in the UK and most places around the world. And then we release “Some Kind of Trouble” later this autumn. Because radio takes a bit longer in the US, the release date there will be later – but if you’re on this site, we’ll help you get the album online so you get it at the same time as everyone else. But your friends will have to wait...!

I’ll be promoting the album ’round the world for a bit, and then if people like it, I hope to go on a World Tour as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will probably be in your area soon doing early morning TV shows and dodgy radio stations. Come and have a drink with me if you’re nearby as it would be nice to say hello.

I hope you like the new album, and the new site. Billy will be hanging round the Members’ Area, so do drop in on him to keep him company...And I might be lurking there occasionally too....!