Sunday, October 3, 2010

David Guetta to work with Christina Aguilera


Okay the original article is in Spanish but heres a basic translation of what he is saying.

David Guetta's in Mexico as as an opening act for two of the 3 concerts of Black Eyed Peas. He talks about the experience of recording a song with Rihanna for the re-edition of his album.

Hey also says he's working in the new album (that will be release in summer of 2011), he already has 9 songs for it.

Usher, and Christina Aguilera are among the stars that could be included in his new material. Hey says he really wants to work with that girl, that people will get crazy with the new album. Guetta says Xtina's voice and her ability to feel the song got him crazy, he wants to record something with Christina, they're are looking for permission of the recording companies and dates.