Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently FOTP had the opportunity to ask YouTube star Hobbie Stuart a few questions.

His cover videos have already amassed considerable views and as one of our posters put it, Hobbie doesn't just cover songs - he perfects them!

We're big fans of him and his music and will continue to report on his career as it progresses.

Peep his answers and YouTube cover videos below!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. So tell us a bitabout yourself – how old are you, where are you from, and what is it you do?

I turned 20 late last year, I’m from Brighton.. I sing.. and I can play guitar too.

You’ve become known for your YouTube videos. When you first beganposting those videos, was it just for fun or did you intend from the onset tomake yourself known through it?

The latter.. Last year I was kind of at point in my life where I didn’t know what to do or where to go.. and one night in October I decided that I was gonna go for it as an artist.. and YouTube seemed like the best way to go about it (plus it was the only idea I had). I didn’t think I’d get this much attention so quick but I’m well happy with how things are going.

Out of the covers that you’ve done, which is your favourite and why?

Probably ‘Your Song’. I love the interpretation and it meant a lot to me whenI was doing the vocals for it. Also my boy Wellsy (producer) absolutely smashed it. In fact I’m gonna wack it up on iTunes right now!

You have a damn beautiful voice and set yourself apart from otherYouTube singers in that you are in every way very professional. Have you had any formal vocal training or showbiz experience ?

Thanks :) and no.. neither.. I’ve done a few gigs in my hometown.. and I’ve always enjoyed singing..

You’re professionally known as Hobbie Stuart, but your birth name isRoberto Stuart da Cunha Lima. I’m guessing you’re of Portuguese or Brazilian descent? If so, how has that influenced your identity as a person and artist?

Yeah I’m half Brazilian.. my dad lives there and I visit him and my family onceor twice a year.. as a person it’s influenced me in a way that I can’t really put down in one paragraph.. and as a artist.. I’ve not really been influenced by any Brazilian music or culture.. but my dad was the one that encouraged me to sing and play when I was little.. and the rest of my family there have always been hugely supportive.. whether or not I make it, I’ll never forget that. I love them a lot and miss them always.

You’ve just booked your first gig. 500 people is a pretty big crowd,especially for one’s first gig. How did that come about and how have you beenpreparing for that moment?

Hmmm.. it’s my first gig as a solo artist.. but I’ve done headline gigs inBrighton before.. although it’s always been as part of a band or duo.. and at smaller venues.. I’ve got good experience from it and I’m used to that kinda pressure.. I know this is bigger and it’s something new for me performing as just myself.. but I’m pretty confident about it.

You’re talented, you’re good looking, you’re on your way to becoming a big star. How do you keep yourself humble and grounded?

I’m just like any other kid that dreams of making it.. I might be better than alot of people at a few things.. but then there are a lot of things that loads of people are better at than I am.. If I ever get to live my dream I will know how lucky I am.

You’re given a one night stand with a woman of your choice (Or man, up to you). Who do you choose and why?

Rihanna. I’ve just sat here for a minute thinking about her. She’s so hot I don’t even get it. I look at her body for inspiration. Lolz I don’t really.. but I should! We all should! Absolutely!!

Do you have any dream collaborations?

Ermm.. Rihanna?

Will your future music have the same lightly instrumented, acoustic soundas your YouTube videos or do you plan to veer into different directions in the studio?

I want it to be varied.. I won’t go far from the real and organic feel that the covers on my YouTube channel have.. but there will be some use of beats and synths etc for sure.

Any final words or things for your fans to look forward to?

I can’t really say much at this point.. but I’m really excited. If you’re a fan of me and you’re reading this.. keep sharing my videos and supporting me.. it means everything. .

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  1. I think that he does perfect the songs he sings. I love his voice. The music radiates through your ears into your soul. For him to do anything else other than sing would be a waste of a great talent.

  2. He's too perfect ♥

  3. I literally love you! Listen to you every day in my car with my windows rolled right down and music right up! ;) <3 AMAZING

  4. Humble and grounded?

    I heard that you requested a vast sum of money along with a few bottles of chilled water, a basket of fruit and 4 packs of chewing play four songs at a wedding?

    Either you or your agent have lost sight of how lucky you are.

  5. hobbie stuart stop flirting rita ora remove you. rita ora has boyfriend is called simon millam