Saturday, March 12, 2011


OH SNAP! Imagine B2k, 2011, younger and better. They're only thirteen but these are some fine-tuned professionals right here. Just peep this live performance HERE for a little taster of what I'm talking about. They're currently on the road with Miss Janet Jackson herself and have previously opened for none other than Biebs.

The music video for their debut single "My Girl" is already out and can be seen HERE. Very clean-cut, very well done, great showcase of their talent. The song's beat is akin to "Bedrock", so if you liked that you'll love this. If I said Britney couldn't match that dance breakdown towards the end...would you hold it against me?

Moving on..

It gets better! The boys have hooked up with Ciara, Lil Twist and Tyga for the official remix to the song. The pic below is from the video shoot which occurred earlier this week in LA.

Credit to HHNM and Rap-Up.