Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Patrick Stump feat. Lupe Fiasco - This City

Patrick Stump first shot to fame as the chubby ginger-haired frontman of pop-punk outfit Fall Out Boy. Now, he's on his own and putting the final touches on his debut studio album, "Soul Punk", in which he bares his R&B and hip-hop influences more openly than ever before.

"This City", which features fellow Chicago native Lupe Fiasco, serves as the record's first single. Described by Stump as representative of the record, being "kind of pop but a little left of center...it sounds kind of like it makes sense on the radio but at the same time doesn't at all. It's very me." Stump and Fiasco have known each other several years - Stump produced Lupe's track "Little Weapon" and originally wrote the hook for "This City" with Lupe in mind; having decided to keep the track for himself Lupe was the only natural choice to be featured on it.

On a side-note Stump is looking the best he's ever looked. Damnit boy! 

Listen below:

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