Friday, June 3, 2011

The Kaiser Chiefs return with new DIY album!

Everyone's favorite post-punk/art rock outfit The Kaiser Chiefs are back after a three year hiatus. The follow-up album to 2008's "Off With Their Heads" is titled "The Future Is Medieval" and was preceded six days ago by a new video "Little Shocks" (watch itbelow).

The guys are looking and sounding great as ever and will be supporting Eminem in August. 

The whole release is incredibly unceremonious, with both "Little Shocks" and "The Future Is Medieval" being suddenly announced via Twitter without any build-up. Even more unceremonious is Medieval's format - fans are invited to choose  ten out of twenty available tracks on their website, make their own cover and download their version of the album for £7.50. Fans can then make their own webpages for their own album versions and make £1 for each copy they sell. 

Get in on all the action HERE and watch the promo video, as well as the video for "Little Shocks" below.