Sunday, June 5, 2011

LEAK: New music: Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz & Fabulous jump on Kelly Rowland's Motivation Remix

It's a known fact that when an urban song becomes a hit - not a hit, but a HIT - everyone and they mama jump on the remix to it. We saw it with Lollipop, we saw it with Deuces, we saw it with Pretty Boy Swag, we kinda saw it with Look At Me Now. And now we are seeing it with this year's big urban hit, Mama Rowland's utter SMASH and the sex anthem of my life, "Motivation". 

Thanks to MeetThaDealer, we now have the official hip-hop remix, featuring none other than Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz and Fabulous. Having longed to hear Busta rip this apart ever since I first heard it, and having also long awaited Trey to jump on a remix of it, this is long overdue for me.

All three dudes KILL it. Listen below:

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