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FOTP Exclusive Q&A with Six D

L-R: Kimmy, Pierre, Chantelle, Kieran , Cassie & Levon
When there's six people in a group , it's nigh on impossible not to crush hard on at least one of them. And there's certainly something for everyone in hot new urban-pop, street dance outfit Six D's line-up, which is made up of three sexy boys - Kieran Edmonds, Pierre Angus, and Levon da Silva - and three even sexier girls - Chantelle Bernard, Cassie Macmillan, and Kimmy. Watching eye candy like this simultaneously dance, rap and sing like mofo's makes the whole thing even better. 

Having signed with Sony Records last year, they've been busy in the studio with the likes of  A-list producers/hit machines  Wayne Wilkins (Cheryl Cole, Beyoncé, Natasha Bedingfield), Rico Love (P Diddy, Usher, Kelly Rowland) and Jim Jonsin (Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne) working on their debut album. They've also been making a name for themselves as live performers, supporting the likes of JLS and The Saturdays on their recent tours. Additionally, they were recently featured on a few episodes of choreographer and frequent Gaga-collaborator Laurieann Gibson's reality show 'The Dance Scene'. 

Unsurprisingly, their debut release is far from disappointing. The insanely catchy "Best Damn Night" is already available for pre-order on iTunes together with raunchy buzz single "2 Seconds" and is released this Sunday, July 24th. This week I had the opportunity to relay some questions to them and find out more about them - check out their answers below! 

Hello! How are you?

We're all good thanks!

What's the meaning behind the name Six D? Six Deep, Six Dimensional, Six Dancers..?

ChantelleAll of the above really!! We kind of want to keep it open to interpretation but for us it stands for Six Dimensions. We came up with this because each one of us brings a different dimension to the table, be it personalities, backgrounds, the way we look, our skills, talents etc...But it all comes together collectively and that's what makes us Six D! 

For the people out there who might be confused, what ARE you guys? Dancers, singers, rappers? A troupe, a crew? 

Kimmy: We are Six D and we're a family! That's the best way to answer it. We are doing something very new. We mix it all, dancing, singing, rapping and we throw a few flips and tricks into the mix too! 

Are the rapping and singing duties shared out equally or is it decided on who does each thing best? Is there such a thing as a lead vocalist or lead rapper in Six D?

Chantelle: That's one of the great things about us; we all bring such a range of talents and skills when it comes to our music as well as our dancing. Things are definitely shared out equally...we all sing and some of us rap. I am the lead vocalist and Pierre is the lead male vocalist. We like to harmonise and mix rapping and singing to show all the sides of our personalities through our music

I’ve seen most of you individually cite as influences Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson in a big way on your Tumblr page. What are your other influences as a group and how are all those influences apparent in Six D?

Kieran: As a group Black Eyed Peas are a group we really look up to because they make great music that appeals to everyone and has a positive message too!! Also they used to break dance which I think is very cool!! So yeah we get a lot of inspiration from these people and how hard they work, so we use that to motivate ourselves in being true to who we are and making an image that can be appreciated around the world. 

Six D’s debut single “Best Damn Night” is coming out July 24th. What’s it been like to be out there with the Boom Box Tour promoting your very own single, performing in front of people, living the dream so to speak?

Pierre: It's feels great to finally have our debut single coming out! We've been working day in day out to get our names out there so these are very exciting times for us. The Boombox Tour was great; we went round to different cities with our boom box and performed. We were really well received by the crowd and had some fans come to see us which helped make it a great experience.

Best Damn Night” seems to tie together a number of different genres and it works really well. There’s rapping in it, so there’s a definite hip-hop influence, but it’s still Pop enough to work on radio and Electro-dance enough to be played in the clubs. Will single number two have the same kind of eclectic sound, what can fans expect from your upcoming music?

Chantelle: Our music on a whole expresses the same sort of versatility as we do as a band...there is something to suit everybody. We want our upcoming music to appeal to the masses. There will be pop influences as well a little urban flow. We're gonna mix it up a bit! Stay tuned! 

Will there be a sense of relief when the song is finally out and you can just sit back at home and relax for a bit?

Levon: There will be a slight sense of relief when "Best Damn Night" is released but it will be more of an exciting time as opposed to relaxing as its the time were we will be most exposed to the public and can show them what we do.

What was it like at T4 On The Beach? Was that the biggest event for you guys so far?

Cassie: T4 On The Beach was AMAZING, such a great day, the atmosphere was buzzing and the sun was shining! We enjoyed ourselves so much, met some lovely people and even got a cheeky visit to the gift tent! Yeah T4 was one of our biggest events so far along side of '2011 Live' at Hanley Park, Stoke and The 02 Arena which was incredible!

Moving on to the album itself, what kind of sounds will Six D be exploring? Is it all in the same vein as "Best Damn Night" and "2 Seconds"?

Levon: The album is very diverse we have slower tracks which show off our vocal ability such as "Earthquake" and "Out of Myself" and we also have tracks like "Love Control" which has some dub step in it and is a very dance inspired song. 

Can you share the names of some the producers and writers you guys have been working with for the album?

Pierre: We got to work with some great producers on our album so we're all really excited for everyone to hear it. We've been in the studio with Wayne Wilkins (Beyonce), Stargate (Ne-Yo), Jim Jonsin (Eminem, Lil Wayne), T- Wiz (Chris Brown, Cheryl Cole), Rico Love (Usher). There's something for everyone on our album.

You guys have already shot two music videos, for “Best Damn Night” and “2 Seconds”. What’s the next level visually? More dancing, special effects, foreign locations?

Kieran: Well there is still lots more we want to do visually with our dance moves to also show different styles! We haven't settled on what we're doing next exactly but we're always aiming to impress, so if that means we got to fly to the desert and use matrix style effects then that's what we'll be doing.

You’re all quite young but some of the lyrics in double A-side “2 Seconds” are quite grown up. Do you worry about sending the wrong message, or a message that is too adult, to your younger fans?

Kimmy: Oh don't let our looks deceive you! Were not that young! '2 Seconds' is our edgy track and to be honest it’s all a bit of fun! You can see in the video we aren't playing on the lyrics and in my opinion it feels like a bit of banter, especially when we're performing it!

I imagine your rehearsal schedule to get everything perfect and on point must be pretty crazy. What’s a typical day like in Six D?

Kieran: Yeah we train very hard when we're learning new routines or getting ready for a music video! Usually doing 8 hours a day for a week in a dance studio. Those are some hard times but it really gets you tight. For example we worked with Laurieann Gibson in LA for our Best Damn Night video and did the same choreography for 3 weeks!! She was so tough on us but it installed a great work ethic. And she works with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry so we knew we were in the best possible hands. 

Who’s the messiest in the group?

Pierre: Kieran and Kimmy! I gotta share a room with Kieran so I know! Just ask the girls about Kimmy ha! 

The biggest drama queen?

Levon: Chantelle is the biggest drama queen in the group! She really knows how to make something out of nothing haha!!

The bossiest?

Cassie: Haha! I think a few of us can have our moments but I think Kieran's probably the bossiest. Although I think he'd like to say he 'coaches' people!

The biggest flirt?

Pierre: Cassie wins! lol

Who takes the longest to get ready?

Kimmy: Cassie takes the longest, but Chantelle's the longest in the shower!!

Finally - what's the craziest fan experience you've had so far?

Cassie: I think one of the craziest fan moments was when we supported The Saturdays back in February, we performed in Brighton and after we would go meet fans and do a signing. We made our way down to do the signings and when we entered the hall, there was this massive stampede of fans running towards us!! Security had to try and hold them back and make them form a queue! It was crazy but such an incredible feeling to know that they were there for us!

Alright, awesome guys! Any final words for the fans?

Thanks for all the love and support you guys have shown us so far we really appreciate it so keep on supporting us and we will keep entertaining you at the highest level!!

Brilliant! Be sure to follow the guys on Twitter @SixDOfficial and check out their website, Six D Official. .

Watch the videos for "Best Damn Night" and "2 Seconds" below:

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