Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NEW MUSIC: T Mills - F*ck Em (With My Vans On)

Oh Sweet Lord have mercy. 

So this kid is white, he's all tatted and pierced up, he's dirty and cute, nasty and likeable all in one. He's looking like Tooth & Nail but spitting like the very best in the rap game. His look will appeal to troubled young girls with daddy issues globally, whilst his ability to rap like a beast makes him more than an interesting gimmick. In a nutshell, he's every label executive's wet dream: the perfect crossover star, able to target several genres and tap into usually separate audiences all at once - hell, even on the same song. . Mr T Mills' has also been in Frankmusik's studio during the past year which is pretty darn awesome all in itself and gives us great hopes of some kind of collaboration. 

Ke$ha with a dick is an inadequate yet interesting description. If you threw Lil Wayne, Twista and Drake into a mix with recent Jesse McCartney, VampireFreaks.com and the wet dreams of the Tumblr-famous you might be somewhere closer to the truth (or at least, to what I have been able to gleam about this kid online). 

It's pretty obvious he's going to be absolutely frickin' huge. Enjoy his new song below:

EDIT: Check out the song's official MUSIC VIDEO 

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