Thursday, August 25, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: Boss In Drama - I Don't Want Money Tonight

Pericles Martins has gone by the pseudonym Boss In Drama since 2006, when he revealed his new solo project at the Motomix festival, at a time when he was still involved in the (now extinct) electro-rock project Gomma Fou. Since then he's established himself as one of the biggest names in Brazilian electronica (he even won a MTV Video Music Brasil award in the category) and worked on crafting his own sound, drawing on references from classic disco, french house, italo and R&B - he cites the likes of Janet and Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Shalamar and Chic as influences. Furthermore, he's shared the stage with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Annie, KT Tunstall, Diplo and LCD Soundsystem and garnered praise from Timerbalek himself on his own official blog.

The video itself is dark and glittery, reminiscent of Marina And The Diamonds (I Am Not A Robot) and Friendly Fires (Skeleton Boy). The song itself is most enjoyable and suits Pericles vocals well - save for one thing: similar to other Brazilian artists singing in English (we're looking at you Wanessa) his pronunciation is incredibly grating and off-putting. By the time you get to the chorus itself, you can get over it, but there are moments in the first verse where it's decidedly painful. 

I'd also like to feed him, the poor boy looks awfully undernourished.

Enjoy below:

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