Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Boss In Drama - Pure Gold

Meet Boss In Drama, a 22 year old Brazilian that makes pop music with that kind of retro sound that, as he describes, comes from the same vein as the classics from Prince, Janet Jackson and even "Whitney Houston before being addicted to crack".

Even with all that retro instruments Pericles (real name) said to have used in his new (and first) album, the new single "Pure Gold" is a charming and even modern song, basically a real sweet synth-pop, much along the lines of other artists like Penguin Prison and Chromeo. The explosion of synths comes early on, and they are not ready to give you room to breathe, as the song flows with some beautiful falsetto vocals, disco beats from the 80's and a wonderful chorus that will leave all included in the broad spectrum of pop eager for more. It really is "Pure Gold".

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