Monday, September 12, 2011

MUSIC VIDEOS: Lana Del Rey - Video Games / Blue Jeans

A native of Lake Placid (outskirts of New York State), American beauty Lizzy Grant - now known as Lana Del Rey - which literally means Wool of the King in Spanish - has been a blogosphere darling for a while now. Whilst her quite blatant (officially denied) plumper-than-before-lips have her hipster pseudo-fans up in arms, she has continued to generate plenty of "buzz" with her music, amassing an ever-growing attention from more mainstream music sites and pop fans. 

Recently signed to Stranger Records - home also of Penguin Prison, who recently remixed her - Del Rey is set to release officially "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" in Germany (Oct. 7th), USA (October 11th), the UK (October 16th) and the rest of the world from Oct 9th onwards. The official release is already available for pre-order on Stranger Records' official website. 

There is something awesomely nostalgic and rivetingly classic about both songs. Not just these two songs, but about Lana herself, her whole image and her music in general. The stunning, yet relatively simple pastiche visuals for both tracks can be viewed below. "Blue Jeans" is my personal favourite of the two - every line is delivered with such bittersweet conviction ....I'm enthralled! 

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