Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Paul Child Band - The Same

Paul Child Band are an "alt-folk-rock" band from England. Their upcoming EP is titled "Runaway. Relax. Resign" and will be out in March, next year. "The Same" is the first track lifted from the EP and will serve as the outfit's first official single.

It's rather raw, "foot-stomping" and quite endearing (if that makes sense, I'm not quite sure how music can be "endearing" but it is). It also helps that they're all quite easy on the eye as well. The group will be touring all over the UK and Europe throughout 2012 and definitely sound like an act worth seeing live, so stay tuned to for all the latest info on when they'll be gigging near you etc.

Enjoy and download for free below: 

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