Monday, November 14, 2011


The wonderful Queen Ginge - that is, Nicola Roberts - recently struck out solo with her debut album "Cinderella's Eyes", which I reviewed here. (In summary, it's very very good and every true Pop fan should go out and get it). After teasing fans with a lyric video for the fantastic "sticks + stones", she's gone with "Yo-Yo" as the official third single. The video shoot begins tomorrow, leaving Nicola's team a good month and a half of editing time, which bodes well for the video to premiere sometime before the song's official release (January 2nd). Nicola recently updated fans on a hair color change via Twitter, so there is the distinct (and slightly confusing) possibility that Queen Ginge will turn up blonde in "Yo-Yo".

Whilst the song is far from being my first pick for the single treatment (there are far, far superior tracks on the LP no doubt), it is apparently one of Nicola's favorites and a damned good song in it's own rights. In Nicola's own words, "The song is about being in that position with a guy when you really don't know whether you're coming or going. Being in that position can make you really vulnerable. It's the dark, desperate and doubtful side of love."

Watch this space for the visual - in the mean time, enjoy her live performances of the track at G-A-Y Heaven and at the BT Digital Music Awards below:

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