Sunday, December 11, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: Eric Saade feat. Dev - Hotter Than Fire

I came to Swedish pop star Eric Saade's new single "Hotter Than Fire", featuring none other than DEV, with low expectations - more than one (hell, more than ten) avid Eric Saade fans have complained about how disappointing this was in comparison to #1 hit "Popular" and the rest of the material on Saade Vol I. (his most recent LP). And DEV...well, DEV has featured on some amazing and some amazingly shit music, so her presence isn't really telling either. 

As it turns out, the track is a winner. It's rare for males in Pop to get it right. Really, really right. There's nothing shocking or groundbreaking about the song, or it's video, or their outfits, or Dev's verse, or anything. But it's perfect. Perfect for a night out, perfect for Eric, perfect for Dev, perfect for closing 2011.

Here's hoping this'll be his UK debut.

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