Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LYRICS VIDEO: Oh My! - Bad Date

Female duos in Pop rarely take off in a big way. It's generally accepted fact that things work better aestheticaly in threes, and women are no different. It's easy to have a lead singer in a trio without it being too uncomfortable; give each of the backing singers a lead on an album track, occassionally a third single, and everyone's happy. (A lesson Nicole Scherzinger failed to pick up from her would-be forerunner Beyoncé). In a duo, it's hard to maintain the balance of things for very long; inevitably one is better looking, or more talented, or more charismatic, or whatever, than the other. And inevitably that chick will be looking to double her profits by getting rid of her beloved burden colleague and pursuing a solo career. There are other reasons why trios work better than duos - three part harmonies can be fantastic, and three girls dancing in synch makes for a more impressive image than two girls working center-stage. 

I already have my favourite in Oh My!, but for now I'm happy to bide my time and await her future solo exploits. In the meantime, I do commend Oh My! on doing a damn good job of keeping things 50/50 on pretty much every front. If any girl Pop duo ever had a chance at some kind of viable career, they're it.

With help from the likes of rap-singer Example, variously writer/producer/friend, the girls have been busy crafting a number of quirky tunes, of which "Bad Date" is the latest (and worst). In an ideal world, it might figure at very most as a bonus track on a debut album (provided we get one), although I must admit that - despite the terrible inane lyrics - the song is a grower, especially the second half.

Check out the lyrics video with pics from the girls having fun during their recent support gig on The Saturdays UK tour:

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