Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Emeli Sandé - Next To Me

Emeli Sandé is currently going through that cycle that happens to those artists - that is, the ones who come out, garner crazy hype, then "disappoint", before (hopefully) finding a happy middle ground with a decent fan-base. Lana Del Rey is currently going through it as well, on a somewhat larger stage and far flimsier reasons (allegedly a few bum notes/bad stage presence on SNL). As for Emeli (whose first name is, incidentally, Adele), the charges include being the "first post-Adele rip-off", "boring" and - the horror! - having served up a ballad-heavy debut.

Having never particularly cared for her and with all those charges in mind I came upon her new single, "Next To Me". And my God, it's fantastic! Lush, inspired, vocally, lyrically and musically rich. Whether she's talking about a love interest or God (which I'm 99% sure is correct) a closer listen shows clearly why Emeli is so in demand as a songwriter for other artists.

I've been converted. Amazing. 

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