Monday, January 23, 2012

NEWS IN: Michel Teló & Shakira Duet

Ele não para! Depois de parceria com Pitbull, Michel Teló agora quer Shakira em seu próximo álbum

With the huge success of his hit "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" and it's English language version "If I Catch You", Brazilian country-pop star Michel Teló now has his eyes set on world domination. Having already announced his desire to pursue an international career and make further releases in English, he's now upping the stakes and placing his bets on a duet with a Colombian beauty we all know and love.

With over 70 million records sold worldwide, the highly intelligent Shakira is arguably the most successful international act to ever come out from South America. For over a decade (since 2001's Laundry Service) she has remained comfortably in the musical A-list of the English speaking world, doing what few other international acts have been able to: crack the US market, and stay there. 


Teló - who has also confirmed that he's been going after SEVERAL international features for his new English-language songs - is eager to enlist Shakira's assistance on his next album. The two will be together at Brahma's VIP chamber at Sapucaí, during this year's carnaval, and that's most likely where Teló will be wanting to close the deal definitively. 

Earlier in the week Teló participated in rapper Pitbull's show in Recife, Brazil. Incidentally, Pitbull and Shakira themselves recently collaborated on hit single "Rabiosa", so it woudn't be too surprising if Teló has also been setting his sights on a guest rap from the popular Cuban rapper. 

Check out the music video for current single "If I Catch You", which has already amassed 42 million views:

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