Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Brandon & Leah - Life Happens

Brandon Jenner and fiancé Leah (collectively known as - wait for it - "Brandon and Leah") are an acoustic-pop duo from Malibu, California. Inspired by the likes of Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, they're making some easy breezy summery music, of which "Life Happens" is the first official release.

As for the album (and I quote): "Produced and co-written by Brandon and Leah, the new album showcases the duo's high, bright sound: plenty of ukulele and upfret acoustic guitar, Caribbean-flavored beats and Leah's honeyed lead vocals. They tend to write about the myriad connections and disconnections between people, but the mood is always light and fun." 

Whilst I don't see this troubling the Top 40 within my lifetime, if Brandon & Leah can continue to make music of equally high calibre as this, I have no doubt they'll find an eager niche fanbase and forge a very decent career in music (provided they're good live and book a whole lot of festival gifs, if not they're screwed).


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