Thursday, February 2, 2012

TEASER: Conor Maynard - Can't Say No

Nineteen year old Brighton talent Conor Maynard has been buzzing around on the internet for a while now, thanks primarily to his highly popular YouTube cover videos (link). Recently voted winner of MTV's Brand New For 2012 poll, Maynard's signed to EMI UK and (I'm told) taken care of by the same people as Jessie J. He's finally getting his big launch this year, kicking off with debut single "Can't Say No", officially released April 29th. He's got a good voice and passable good looks, so it's all down to the material being up to par.

Let us join hands and pray he isn't marketed as some kind of UK Justin Bieber, because we all know how that ends up (Cody Simpson says hi). Hell, even 'male Jessie J' makes for a more agreeable angle than that...



got me cursin’ up in this church 

such a good movie hahahah

The track itself isn't clicking with me but I'll reserve judgement until I hear it in full. You can check out the exclusive preview of the music video and awful attempts at "banter" before and after below. 

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