Monday, March 1, 2010

Amelle & Heidi dish the dirt on Keisha

HEIDE RANGE and Amelle Berrabah have - for the first time - revealed the unbearable demands of Keisha Buchanan, which led to her being ousted from the Sugababes.

Speaking openly for the first time about their decision to carry on with new member Jade Ewen, the pair claim Buchanan's constant putdowns made them dread being in her company.

The bullying left Amelle so stressed she checked into rehab to try to rebuild her self-esteem.

Though they stop just short of using the B-word, Heidi, 26, and Amelle, 25, paint a picture of life in the Sugababes which explains their decision to risk their careers rather than continue as they were.

Amelle admits: "Bullying is a strong word. It sounds bad. But no one likes to be treated horribly. I was being singled out every day and I didn't like the way I was being treated. I dreaded going in to work even though I had worked so hard to get here.

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