Monday, March 1, 2010

Leona Lewis preparing to record third album

Leona Lewis ready to start work on third studio album…

Brookland Entertainment president Eric Nicks has confirmed via his Twitter that producer/songwriter August Rigo is about to hit the studio with Leona Lewis to start work on her third studio album. The sessions are likely to take place once Leona’s 6-week UK Arena tour comes to an end this summer.
I know you must be thinking who the hell is this kid? Me too. I’m not familiar with his work either but after doing a bit of background digging, his speciality is mainly Pop, R&B and Soul. His production company churned out tunes for the likes of Nappy Roots, Young Steff and Jhevon Paris. Again, who the hell are these people? Do they actually have an international pop star on their roster?

Hmmm. Looks like Leona is a first. As the saying goes, first time for everything right? Surprisingly, Leona is already thinking about moving onto her third project despite only releasing two singles from the project. Is she finally putting the plug on her luke-warm selling album ‘Echo’ for good or will she squeeze out one more single? Only time will tell.