Monday, April 26, 2010

LEAK: JoJo (2010 leak pack)

Track listing:

JoJo - Beautiful Distrctn
JoJo - Before We Take It There (Prod. By B. Cox)
JoJo - Can't Take That Away From Me
JoJo - Dont Call Here No More
JoJo - Fearless (Prod. By Toby Gad)
JoJo - Forever In My Life
JoJo - Hooked On You (Prod. By Insomniax)
JoJo - I Want Out
JoJo - Just Gonna Be Me
JoJo - Kinda Shy (Prod. By Soulshock & Karlin)
JoJo - Lonely (Prod. By Soulshock & Karlin)
JoJo - Lovin U
JoJo - No More Tears (Prod. By Chuck Harmoney)
JoJo - Numbers (Prod. By JR Rotem)
JoJo - Riot
JoJo - Safe With Me
JoJo - Secret Love
JoJo - Something In The Water (Prod. By JR Rotem)
JoJo - Sweat
JoJo - Take It Back
Jojo - Uncharted
JoJo - Underneath (Prod. By Toby Gad)
JoJo - What You Do
JoJo(DEMO) - Webcam (Prod.By Dunlap)

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Special thanks to deedee1whoa