Friday, May 14, 2010

Britney Spears going alternative on new album?

o add yet another genre into the already overcrowded mix for the new Britney Spears album, it looks like the Queen B could be playing around with some alternative sounds after the music publisher of Estonian pop singer Kerli let the news slip during a live chat on Kyte TV yesterday.

When asked about the direction of Kerli’s upcoming sophomore album, the music publisher said that Britney is making a dance record and that she’s actually heard several of the tracks that are being considered for Britney to record. She then described them as being “very electronic” and “kind of alternative”, adding that they’re “very different” from anything Britney has done before.

Fitting in with the alternative theme is news that Britney is working with producer Rusko, who is responsible for the new M.I.A. single “XXXO”.

Earlier last week Britney’s management released a statement regarding her relationship with her agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick, mentioning that the singer has been “busy in the studio working on her next album”.

Very exciting stuff. Perhaps we can get another “And Then We Kiss”, a song that is one of the most underrated and brilliant of Spears career. Thanks to Ethan for this news.