Friday, June 18, 2010

Katy Perry reveals 2nd single off 'Teenage Dream'

With “California Gurls” riding high on the charts but an album that isn’t due instores until late August, it was inevitable that Katy Perry would probably have a second single out soon. Now, not only has she confirmed that the second single is the album’s title track “Teenage Dream”, but she may also perform the single at the Teen Choice Awards which she is set to host (airing August 9).

“I think I might be doing the second single off the record. It’d be a great place … at the Teen Choice Awards because I think a lot of kids are falling in love and they will relate to that song,” she explained. “That song is kind of like feeling that way when you were a teenager: really emotional, really invested. … It’s intense being in love and being a teenager. That’s what ‘Teenage Dream’ is about.”

The producer of the song hasn’t been revealed yet, but the Daily Star — who have heard the song — described it as “Summer in a bottle with a storming pop beat”, while MTV said the song: “picks up right where “California Gurls” leaves off. With a strong beat to back her up, Perry sings about a boy who makes her feel like a teenager again.”

SOURCE: The Prophet Blog