Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jennifer Lopez to film new music video for "Take Care"

Jennifer Lopez shot a viral music video for a buzz song titled ‘Take Care’, which is lifted from her new album ‘Love?’

Alex Moors was put on directing duties whilst creative director Frank Gatson and choreographer Danielle Polanco were also called in. Below, you can check out an official casting call detailing all the requirements for J.Lo’s ‘Take Care’ music video. Ms Lopez looks to have hired some top notch people for this (Beyonce’s team). Let’s just hope it all pays off in the long run.

Bike Messenger:
African American male who appears 25-30 years old who can ride a bike. Thin, lean muscular build. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee

Pretty Woman with Dog:
A Caucasian female who appears 25-30 years old. A business / CEO Assistant type. Should feel comfortable working with dogs. If you have dog, please submit picture or description as well. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee

Street Boys:
Males, any ethnicity who appear 18-26 years old who have hip/Williamsburg type of look. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee

Parkour/ Skater Guys:
Males, any ethnicity who appear 18-26 years old that can do 1 or all of the following: Parkour, skateboard, acrobats/flips on street. RATE: $350 Includes Agent Fee

Handsome Vespa Boy:
A Caucasian or Latino Male who appears 20-40 years old. Talent must know how to drive Vespa. A plus if talent owns leather jacket. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee

Pizza Kid:
A short young Latino male, who appears 15-20 years old as a savvy, pizza delivery boy. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee

Town Car Driver:
Casting a male who owns a generic black town car, any ethnicity, age 18-40 and has drivers license. RATE: $200 + 10% Agency Fee

Older Male:
Males, Caucasian who appear to be 60+ years old. A plus for anyone who owns a black suit. RATE: $150 + 10% Agency Fee.