Saturday, March 5, 2011

CHARTS // Femme Fatale hits iTunes early

*click on the image for a full high definition preview - promo poster made by me *

Britney's forthcoming 7th album - Femme Fatale - has hit iTunes for pre-orderes only, but that did not stop it from getting into top 5 on the album charts. Album is resting at a comfortable #3 spot, just behind Adele and soul/rnb singer Marsha. Femme Fatale is expected to drop March 29th, though certain rumors are suggesting we might be getting it earlier - March 25th.

In other news, Britney's latest single, Till The World Ends, second off of Femme Fatale, is also charting after the several iTunes glitches and issues. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Britney are currently dominating iTunes, with JLo taking the first place, Born This Way second and Till The World Ends on number 3.

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