Thursday, June 9, 2011

INTERNET MEME: Azis - Mrazis

I have no idea what he's singing about - in all honesty I'm not sure I want to know. Either way, this eastern-tinged song from creepy Bulgarian singer Azis has gone viral and become something of an internet meme all over Eastern Europe.

Watch it below (NSFW-ish).

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hid yo husbands..

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  1. I'm gonna date myself but here goes:

    I grew up at a time when punk was king. New Romantics were dandy and rock was glam. Our parents thought Annie Lennox looked was a boy in makeup; they didn't know Boy George wasn't a girl. New Wave had boys wearing eyeliner and lipstick; the rocker girls looked just like them.

    And then there's this one and maybe in another time or place, but THIS. JUST. CREEPS. ME. OUT.