Monday, July 4, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: Natalia Kills feat. - Free

It's no wonder why Natalia Kills shot straight up into Twitter's most popular trending topics today. Having already amassed a staunchly loyal online fan base, the 'dark pop' diva has been all over Europe promoting her hit debut album "Perfectionist" and it's first two singles "Wonderland" and "Mirrors". She's also featured on recent singles by labelmates Far East Movement's ("2 Is Better") and LMFAO ("Champagne Showers") as well as on a track on Frankmusik's (another labelmate) upcoming sophomore release.

Fresh off a wave of European performances, shows and promo, Natalia unleashed today the music video for her first proper USA release (third single elsewhere) "Free", now remixed to feature, who signed Natalia in the wake of her buzz-generating Wommanequin EP (some time back, prior to adopting the "Kills" moniker). 

The song is a huge grower and DESERVES Top 40 domination. A great jam for the summer and probably what Jessie J intended could-have-been-good-but-falls-short release "Price Tag" to be like. If the promotional push she's had in Europe is anything to go by, you'll be seeing her everywhere soon enough. 

(If the video is blocked or temporarily unavailable, click to view on YouTube). 

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