Friday, July 15, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Leona Lewis - Collide (FULL)

Leona Lewis has been preparing fans for a change in both sound and image for a while now. The new era began officially today with the UK radio premiere of her "summer single" - which may or may not be code for buzz single, in case it flops - titled "Collide". Produced by Sandy Vee ("Only Girl In The World","Where Them Girls At") and Avicii (better known as Tim Berg of "Seeking Bromance" fame) the track has already been causing controversy with Avicii's label Ministry of Sound claiming it illegally rips off his instrumental track "Penguin", for which they had been working on vocal ideas for over six months. To clear up yet simultaneously confuse matters further, writer Autumn Rowe confirmed on Twitter that Avicii was indeed one of "Collide's" producers, making it unclear whether the tracks are just similar or whether a sample was used and the label simply not informed about it.

The Afrojack remix of the song is expected to premiere sometime soon. 

Listen below:

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