Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEWS IN: BET Announce Tribute To Aaliyah

With the tenth anniversary of R&B songstress Aaliyah's tragic, untimely demise fast approaching, American channel BET (Black Entertainment Channel) have announced earlier today that they will be honoring the singer. Known as the 'Princess of R&B', Aaliyah is widely considered to have revolutionized R&B with her innovative, ground-breaking sound, which continues to inspire the following generation of R&B artists and musicians. From only three albums, Aaliyah has sold well over 30 million albums worldwide, which number will no doubt be boosted by the anniversary of her death, new online media and the inevitable repackaging of her old releases together with unreleased songs, rarities, B-sides and collaborations. 

Let's pray to God that BET doesn't mess this up.

In the mean time, join me and reminisce with her classic, posthumous hit "More Than A Woman" (which includes a cameo from a young Mark Ronson as DJ) below:

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