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FOTP Exclusive Interview with The Reason 4

The four sexy guys pictured above are known collectively as The Reason 4. Previously known as just The Reason and commonly abbreviated to TR4, they're an all male vocal pop four-piece made up of Southampton natives Nathan Rawlings (29), Marc Higgins (28), Scott White (28) and Glenn Vine (26). A younger alternative to currently reigning forty-something "man band" Take That and a decidedly more rugged and manlier option to teenybopper idols (think JLS, The Wanted, Big Time Rush, etc), the four former tradesmen first became known to a wider public after appearing on series 7 of The X-Factor (UK), where they wowed both judges and audiences with their vocal prowess and on-point harmonization. 

Since the show they've made a slew of television appearances, signed a record deal with Far West Music and a major publishing deal with Sony / ATV. Co-writing with the likes of Eliot Kennedy (Blue, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, etc) and Andrew Murray (Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, etc) they have been hard at work recording their debut album. They've spent the past few weeks travelling all over promoting their debut single "Take It All", released officially this week and available for download alongside two B-sides ("Better Man" and "The Reason") and the song's Uniting Nations remix.

The guys are indisputably talented and come highly recommended. You can read their answers to my questions below:

Hello The Reason 4! How are you guys?

We're great thanks, really busy but can't complain cos we're doing something we love.

Congratulations on your new single "Take It All", it really is an awesome tune and so fresh in comparisont o what else is out there on radio right now. How did that song come about and why did you choose it to be your lead single?

'Take It All" was the first song that we wrote together and the song that got us signed to Sony ATV for music publishing. The song is basically about our journey and never giving up in life. When we didn't make it through to the live stages of X-Factor we didn't give up and that's why we're here today. So we thought it suited the first single and can't wait for it to come out on the 7th. 

So tell me about your mini-album "For Crying Out Loud", out August 14th, six brand new songs. Why make the decision to release a mini-album first of all, what's the release/promotion strategy here?

The mini-album 'Crying Out Loud' is basically a six track EP to give the fans a taste of what to expect from The Reason 4 in the future. 

I hear you guys have already co-written sixteen songs for your album. Is there a recurring tone or theme to your music?

We have co-written the whole album and there is a variety of themes and tones to our music. We have drawn on life experiences to write the album and we believe there is a song on the album for everyone. From anthemic Pop to rock/pop and even a few slow songs for the fans to cry over, Lol! 

Can fans expect a full length album from TR4 before Christmas, or only next year? Will it be different to what we'll be hearing on the mini-album?

We are going to release a full album later this year. It will include the six tracks from the mini-album plus a number of exciting new additions which we hope you will all love.

What's your collective songwriting process like - do you all sit down and force yourselves to write, do you write individually then come together, do you have to have a producer with you to guide the process..?

Our songwriting is a very organic process, each of us are good at different things so it really works. We spark off each other.

You guys have known each other for something like a decade. I'm guessing you met as teenagers? How did you find out each other could sing and when did you first decide to get together and properly pursue a career as singers?

We have known each other for thirteen years. Nathan went to the same school as Glenn and Scott shopped in a store that Glenn worked in. But it was through local talent competitions that really got us together. Nathan, Marc and Scott would compete against each other in competitions so we all decided to combine our talents together and form a group. 

What's it like being in a band professionally 24/7? Do you have time/space for your individual lives or does everything end up being shared and done as a group?

It's a great thing being in a band 24/7, it's very tiring and not as glamorous as everyone may think at times, but we are doing something we love. When we're not busy with the band we spend times catching up with friends and loved ones.

How has your friendship with each other changed now that you work together and (I'm assuming) have to share tour buses/hotel rooms and so on?

We were really close friends before this all kicked off and if anything it has only made us all a lot closer.

Talking of sharing, do you guys share a lot of your clothes?

Clothes we share a lot more than just clothes. I'll leave you to find out though.

And talking of clothes - or the lack of them - you guys did a naked shoot for Gay Times. Is it at all awkward being naked around each other or have you gotten used to it by now?

At first it was quite scary but it wasn't long until we let it 'all hang out' and got in the swing of things. Haha. No seriously it made it a lot easier doing it with your mates. 

How do you guys deal with attention from fans (of both sexes)? Does it bother you at all to think that thousands of guys all over the UK got to gawk at your unclothed bodies?

To be fair it's very flattering to have people from both sexes fancying you, and to be fair we tend to have fun with it as much as possible.

What gives you certainty that The Reason 4 can successfully compete with rival man-bands like Take That, Blue, East 17? What do you guys bring to the table that is different or unique, what is it that makes TR4 indispensable?

We feel that we are an original young man band. Not only are we a little bit more rugged than your average group we feel we are fresh and exciting and have something new to offer to the industry.

I was surprised to see that most of your individual music influences are mostly Pop and R&B/Soul. From your tattoos and rugged looks it's easy to assume you'd prefer rock or something "harder" than Top 40 music. Is it important for you to make music you yourselves enjoy? Or is it possible to make music for others that you yourself dislike?

We have a wide range of taste in music, we love everything from Linkin Park to Take That. We don't really like a certain genre, if we like a song we like it. At the moment we have only written music that we enjoy and feel ourselves and who knows in the future.

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you guys?

People never believe that we are real friends and from humble backgrounds, they think that we were put together by Simon Cowell for the show. But this isn't true and once you meet us you will find out.

When all is said and done, how do you want people to remember 'The Reason 4'?

Four genuine lads who have the same passion to make long lasting credible music.

Any final words or message for the fans?

We would like to say a big massive HI and thank you to all our amazing fans. PS don't forget to buy out debut single 'Take It All" out August 7th.

And there you have it. Be sure to support Marc, Scott, Glenn and Nathan home-grown UK talent and download "Take It All" legally. The Take It All EP is already available on all mainstream digital outlets - iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Follow The Reason 4 on the group's official Twitter @TheReason4 and on their individual accounts also. You can check out their official website at and "like" their official page on Facebook too, for all the latest news and updates on TR4. 

Enjoy their debut music video for "Take It All" below:

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