Thursday, September 8, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: Scams - Helicopter Parents

I heard of Scams for the very first time today. Not the concept of scamming, but, the four-piece band comprising Andy Morgan (frontman), Andy Fenwick (bass/vocals), Jamie Macneal (second guitars, samples & vocals) and Daniel Harvey (drums) that is based in the city of Leeds in England and goes by the name of Scams. Anyways, the indie-pop outfit is now releasing a new single titled "Helicopter Parents" which should, in my opinion, be titled "I Don't Think So!" instead (you'll get it when you listen to the song). The song itself is pretty darn good and one of the year's best rock tracks thus far (up there with "Darling Buds of May" and "Pumped Up Kicks"). 

Other songs by the group ("Youngblood" and "Jules et Jim" respectively) were recently featured on TV shows 'Shit My Dad Says' and 'Better With You", both shown on Channel 5 and Fiver. They've also recently wrapped up an European tour with New Politics and will be announcing a series of UK dates over the coming months.

Check out the visual for the infectious track below:

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