Friday, September 9, 2011

NEWS IN: Dev Is Pregnant!

Up and coming solo artist Devin Star Tailes, best known as "Like A G6" hook singer Dev, has announced that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Jimmy's child, a 'radical little baby' girl. Dev revealed her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with

The crucial excerpt from the What The  Hellz interview and the exclusive first-look at Dev as an expectant mother below:

Q: Your career has blossomed so quickly and hasn’t even hit it’s peek, what was your initial reaction when you found out about little baby Dev, and while your career is now just coming to fruition?
"A: When I first found out my initial reaction was happiness, I smiled. I knew how much Jimmy and I loved each other and I thought we’d do amazing at loving this baby. Being so busy and wrapped up in my career, I never thought I’d fall in love or have a family. I thought I was going to be a lonely touring soul till I was 50 lol, so this is rad. I feel so blessed and empowered, like I can kick ass more then ever! It is scary though, I also thought people were going to hate and/or be sad about this beautiful thing I’m experiencing and I wouldn’t be able to celebrate. That i wouldn’t be able to put out this album. I thought my label might drop me. I thought I was going to make indie pop and The Cataracs really sad because we worked so fucking hard together and now our entire plans are going to change. Thankfully all of the boys came around, thankfully my label supports me, and I’m grateful I can put out this album. I can celebrate both my hard work, as well as my baby girl! I’m juggling the best of both worlds.. And yeah it’s difficult, but it’s also everything I could have ever wanted. I’m a lucky girl."

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Dev's debut album, "The Night The Sun Came Up", dropped in the UK on September 5th and in eleven days (September 20th) in the US. Entirely produced by long-standing collaborators The Cataracs and co-written by them and Dev, the LP is preceded by two singles: "Bass Down Low" (which became a Top 10 UK hit following the release of a remix featuring Tinie Tempah) and "In The Dark" (which has so far peaked at #28 on the US Billboard Hot 100), as well as a string of successful collaborations featuring Dev singing hook & chorus for other artists. 

Dev shot a music video for third single "Take Her From You" on 28 July 2011, which will be out shortly. For the mean time, feast your eyes on the visual for second single "In The Dark": 

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