Friday, December 16, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Katy Perry feat. B.o.B - The One That Got Away (Remix)

Having matched Michael Jackson's record of five #1s from a single album, and his sister Janet's record of six Top 5 hits from one album, it was immediately obvious Katy Perry would go one step further and angle to surpass both Jacksons by scoring her sixth #1 with "The One That Got Away". The why is obvious, but the how was in dispute - until today, when Katy released the song's official remix featuring popular rapper B.o.B.

The tried and tested tactic of releasing a remix featuring a popular guest artist to boost song downloads, especially when the song is riding high on radio ("The One" nabbed over 98 million audience impressions on US radio today with a huge bullet) has been utilised by Katy at least once before, fingers crossed it'll be enough to push the song to the top spot.

The remix itself is a OK copy&paste affair. Check it:

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