Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Busta Rhymes feat. Chris Brown - Why Stop Now

Hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes has been enjoying something of a career revival of late - from the smash hit collaboration "Look At Me Now", to various features, to a hot new deal with Young Money/Cash Money. New single, "Why Stop Now", features increasingly frequent collaborator Chris Brown, and is available for free from Android Market.

The music video includes fan footage submitted from late last year - check out the winners and non-winners at Youtube.com/user/SpitlikeBustaRhymes. Bussa Bust selected those who did it best and had director Hype Williams spliced them into the final cut, which also features Christopher doing some top-notch acrobatics.

I'm glad to have Busta back, on his A-game with a nice sized budget for videos and such. Enjoy:

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