Thursday, March 15, 2012

LIVE: Alexandra Burke - Let's Wait Awhile (+ Hilarious Video of Hitler finding out Capital FM isn't playing her song)

Foto de Alexandra Burke 

X-Factor diva Alexandra Burke's new single "Elephant", featuring producer Erick Morillo, is out this week. It's currently at #2 in the UK midweeks, significantly higher than it had been supposed to chart initially. Whilst not ground-breaking in any significant way, it IS a hot track and it's always pleasing to see someone as talented as Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewan Burke do well. 

Whilst on the promo trail for "Elephant" Alexandra stopped by SoulCultureTV for a class rendition of Janet Jackson hit "Let's Wait Awhile". For those unfamiliar with the original, check out Janet herself performing it live a few years back just below:

But hands down the very best promo for Alex this week - hell, in her career - is the following fan-made video of Adolf Hitler finding out Capital FDM aren't dgiving Alexandra her deserved airplay. Literally made me LMAO!


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