Thursday, March 15, 2012

NEW MUSIC: Madonna - MDNA Snippets

Foto de Madonna — PNG 

The reigning Queen of Pop Madonna is back with a hot new banger of an album by the name of "MDNA". Preceded by the singles "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (feat. MIA & Nicki Minaj) and "Girl Gone Wild", the album looks set to top charts around the world upon release this March 26th. Reviews so far have generally been unanimous in two aspects: one, it's a fantastic album, two, it puts the competition (namely Lady Gaga) to shame. Take that as you will but other than the lack of continued TV appearances this era has been shaping up most satisfactorily.

Check out six snippets below. There's nothing shocking or ground-breakingly innovative, which I guess is what everyone expects from Madonna every time every release. Still, what I'm hearing is an incredibly solid album that fits very well both with her own legendary discography and with the Pop culture of 2012. Let's face it - there's a reason why she's be doing it the longest and is still considered the best.


"I Don't Give A"

"Falling Free":

"Superstar" (feat. Lourdres):

"Gang Bang":

"Love Spent":

"I'm Addicted":

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