Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Cassie - King Of Hearts

It's been a mighty long time since Bad Boy's First Lady Cassandra Ventura - known as Cassie - scored her single chart hit, "Me & U". Since then we've had no end to leaks and pushbacks as Cassie turned a multitude of tricks in search for that elusive second chart hit. 

Finally, after what seems like a decade, Cassie has revealed the music video for comeback single "King Of Hearts", which has simultaneously been released on iTunes and sent for radio adds this Valentine's Day. It's as generic as they come - disappointing considering how long Cassie's had to cook up something truly amazing. That said, it's a solid track and if her label give her the push she deserves - after such a ridiculously long period of nothingness - it might be able to do well enough to permit her a follow-up release.


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