About Us

Flop of the Pops started off as an side-project to the Flop of the Pops music forums, sharing the latest music news and leaks. Over time a number of different writers contributed to the page until the hacking and deletion of the Flop of the Pops website, blog, and various associated accounts (including Paypal, YouTube, etc) at the end of May 2011. 

Thankfully we were able to recover the blog thanks to Gmail/Blogger. At that point the main administrator of the website decided to step down and nominated me to continue with the blog, which I have. Since then the focus of the blog has shifted to a broader spectrum of music beyond Top 40 Pop - including urban, rock and electronic genres - spotlighting up and coming artists, hot remixes, international and underground stars, and featuring interviews with a few of my favorite stars (which you can check out viewing FOTP's Interview archives).