Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Florence & The Machine talks about sophomore album

Interview about sophomore album with NME magazine:

“I was having a conversation with my father and he was talking about this thing – strangeness and charm,” Welch explained. “It’s actually the name of the two smallest particles that there are when you split the atom, so I wrote a song around it. I even managed to fit the word ‘hydrogen’ in there. Isn’t that a nice thing for scientists to call them though? – it’s so unscientific and human.”

“The guitar is coming back – I’ve gone full circle!” she joked, before adding, “It’s not a ‘Kiss With A Fist’ type of guitar sound though… it’s much stranger than that,” she said, referring to her 2008 single.

“The second album feels like a release – I’ve got new ground to cover – whereas the first one was really scary. The next year is really just me moving on and creating something new. It’s like, you get given a clean slate to do whatever you want, so what isn’t there to like about that?”