Monday, June 7, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Eva Simons - "Take Over Control" (unofficial EP)

Here is a preview of what Eva Simons has to offer for her debut album. This is a not an official release and only presented to you by us. Look out for her second single “Look But Don’t Touch” (ft. Jessica Sutta & Unknown) coming July 2010!


1 Intro
2 Silly Boy
3 All I Try (Clip)
4 Downtown (Clip)
5 What’s Up (ft. (Clip)
6 Wild Boys (Clip)
7 Overdose (Clip)
8 Jodelin (Clip)
9 I Want You Back
10 I Believe In Love
11 Come On
12 Take Over Control
13 Silly Boy 2010 (Planet Party Dome)
14 Wanna Make Love (Live)
15 Don’t Stop the Beat (Live)
16 Jodelin (Live)
17 Rockstar (Acoustic)
18 Dance with Somebody (Acoustic)
19 Silly Boy (Acoustic)
20 Silly Boy (Demo)
21 Pass Out (Bonus)

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