Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicki Minaj album news & release date

Nicki Minaj has officially announced that she will release her debut solo studio album on November 23rd.The album has already yielded the singles "Massive Attack" and "Your Love".She says "The album is coming along just spectacular. I been doing a lot of work with Swizz [Beatz], and the stuff that we been coming upon is magical. When people hear the album, they're going to get to know Onika [her birth name is Onika Maraj]. And no one knows Onika. I really didn't think I would be this excited about the songs that I'm coming up with. I'm really, really proud."

Producer Swizz Beatz talked about their collaboration together stating there is " no words for it" and liking Nicki Minaj because she is a "respectable student".