Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shakira talks about her 4th english studio album

Shakira talks about the new album in a new 30 minute interview with youtube:

“I’m very excited about the new album — which is about to come out in September — because it reminds me of different eras and different stages of my career. It’s like a synthesis of all these twenty years. It’s got songs that remind me of Pies Descalzos [her 1996 debut album], and Dónde están los ladrones? [1998 sophomore album] and Laundry Service. It’s got a strong rock side, and also romantic songs, and Latino, Latin sounding songs. A little bit of everything.”

“I’m so thrilled about it. It’s been like re-encountering… it’s been quite interesting to make this new album. Re-connecting with myself and my sensibility. It’s very introspective, but at the same time it’s very joyful.”

“[this album] Is very personal. It’s very much about my feelings and the times I’ve felt my heart has broken, and the pieces get sewn again, and recovering and surviving and going through struggles, and coming through those struggles feeling stronger. It’s also about the joy of celebrating my own culture, because I decided to go to Dominican republic and kind of understand a little bit of that part of the Caribbean, and get some of those sounds, and mix them in my music. So it’s very exciting from a sonic point of view, but also, it’s so personal and so much of a reflection of the way I feel, or the way I’ve felt these past two years.”