Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sky Ferreira announces first US single called "Obsession"

Sky talks about the single with Arjan Writes:

“A number one record is cool. That’s kinda why I’m doing ‘Obsession’. I mean, I like ‘Obsession’ – it’s a really good pop song, but it’s extremely pop. That wasn’t exactly what my goal was… But I’m glad that ‘One’ came out before that so people know that I can still do other stuff. I wanna be capable of doing all different types of music… but I’m glad that I get to do something like ‘Obsession’. I’m really lucky… At first I was really bitter about it, because I wanted my songs to be on my record, so it was a bit hard for me. I appreciate it and I understand that I have to compromise with the people who are distributing me and making it possible for me to have my own music out.

“I still very much stand behind ‘Obsession’… ‘Obsession’ is a funny thing; It might be my biggest song ever. It’s sad when I think of it that way though, coz I always wanted it to be my song that was the biggest, but I like it very much – it’s really catchy and everything.

“Doing a record like that just opens doors to letting me start other projects to and being able to come out with my own music. I guess when you have your name on the radio it kinda helps or something, but I like other stuff. Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance” was completely different than “Alejandro” or something, it’s like a 360 or something you know, and over time she started coming out with [her own stuff].”